Durant mes années noires où je n’écrivais pas officiellement, il faut croire que cela me hantait tout de même, car j’ai sombré dans le « Fanfiction » (fictions basées sur un univers dont on est fan). Ce qui suit sont des textes entièrement inspirés de l’univers du jeu de rôles « World of Warcraft ». Simples profiles de personnage, ou journaux intimes d’avatar, il faut y voir un manque que je cherchais à combler. Évidemment si vous n’êtes pas au fait de l’univers de ce jeu, certaines choses vous passeront au dessus de la tête, voir seront franchement longues et sans intérêt, mais bon, quand on joue la transparence, il faut aller jusqu’au bout 😉
Ha! J’oubliais… c’est en anglais dans le texte 😛

Name: Cythra (Darla)

Race: Gnome

Class: Warlock

Professions: Alchemist & Engineer

Current Home: Stormwind.

Age: 27

Brief Physical Description:
Fresh and with a juvenile face making her real age hard to guess, Cythra is
wearing two enormous pink tails accentuating again her childish, almost
cherubim look.

Her appearance will put a smile on the sturdiest adventurers.

But her albino eyes, oh her eyes!! They are an abomination of steadiness. White
pupils circling a dark pit connecting her soul to the deepest hellish
realms.   You cannot stand her look, it
frightens you to your very core. She never blinks, never drops her look off
you. And you realize that your soul is now slowly fading away from your body…
Break eye contact now! There might still be hope for you…

Brief Personality Description:
Cythra is the most egocentric character you’ll ever meet (hopefully for you).
All she cares about is her. All she says or does is aimed only at pleasing her.
Luckily enough her range of pleasurable things is quite large, so if you can
stand her enough to stick around, you will not get bored. She likes souls, and
to get them she enjoys to make little girls squeals in pain, burn bunnies
alive, inflict excruciating pain known to no man or woman still alive, hurt
babies, massacre entire families, destroy whatever others value most, etc…

On the scale of things there is bad, chaotic, hellish, demoniac, evil, and then
there is Cythra.

Goals and motivators:
Cythra wants to inflict pain to all and everything. It is the only thing she
knows can appease her, that, and maybe Power…

Passionate about the war:
Cythra loves war, any war; she can dwell into it all day long. Ravaging enemies
and being acclaimed for it, what’s not to like?

The only problem with war is that she has to constantly remind herself of who
is the enemy. Apparently, your side does not appreciate it when you land a
curse on them, and honestly, the “horde” does not seem that bad (and she knows
bad!) nor does the alliance seem that good, so mistakes can happen right? Who’s
to count a few more screams on the battlegrounds anyway?

A typical quote:
You should never separate children from their parents. That is why I always
kill the whole family.

Darla ((her real name)) was raised in the typical, engineer oriented gnomish
family. Her Dad, an expert in engineered weaponry was often afar for is
research, but nonetheless loving and caring.

Her mom was just the best mom ever. Making pie, playing with her and her
younger brother, telling them stories of all kind. Life was good and filled
with love in their small yet practical home dug in the flank of a beautiful
hill just in the outskirts of Gnomeregan.

As she grew up, Darla developed
a knack for the arcane, and started studying the trades of mages. She was still
living home in her late teens when the great Gnomeregan incident happened. Sadly,
that day she was in, visiting her dad…

In the aftermath of the explosion, it so happened that her dad was pinned down
by a support beam that had fell from a corridor junction. Darla, herself
slightly injured on the left leg, tried to free him with no success.

After hours roaming the area looking for help, it became clear they were
stranded deep in the capital rumbles. Deep, alone, and soon in the complete
darkness as all remaining power to the emergency systems wore off…

Darla took care of her father
for days, using the water dripping from the walls to refresh him, using her
magic to create some light from time to time to check on him. But as the days
passed and the hope of being rescued slowly vanished, so did her dad. It was
ultimately a relief, as for the last three days she couldn’t bear to hear him
scream in agony, panting, begging her to kill him.

And so Darla was left alone
with toxic dripping water, radiations, no food, and the corpse of her father at
her side. Soon she did not have enough strength left to use any kind of magic
and was left in a pitch  black room,
waiting to die… But death did not come to deliver her. Instead, she felt the
thousands needles of hunger piercing her belly, and the madness taking its hold
on her mind.  After a month it was
unbearable, she was so weak she could not move a muscle, and yet she was alive,
feeling every bit of pain in her body and her mind, every minute, every
seconds, the pain was ticking like a clock, forbidding her to slip into coma or
better yet; death…

What doom had her keep living, what twisted fate could let her survive like

She was not anymore, at least
not a gnome, not a living being… She was just pain and suffering. How long has
it been? Two, three months? No gnome can survive that long with no food and the
little water dripping on her face… Then how long? And why no one came? Where
was her loving mother? Her cherished little brother? Where was anyone for that

Darla never survived the
Gnomeregan destruction, but one year later, day to day on the anniversary date
of the explosion, Cythra came out of the rumbles. Someone had to step up,
someone with the guts of doing whatever was necessary to survive, Darla could
not do it, so after nearly 2 months of pain and starvation, Cythra did.

The radiations protecting the corpse from putrefaction, Cythra had more than
enough on a grown gnome body to be able to sustain herself for a while,
regaining enough strength to start using the arcane. Yet, since her training
was still at its beginning she could not manage to concentrate enough power to
free herself from the devastated room.

Arcane itself did not cut it, but Cythra knew that in dark places laid a power,
forbidden by mages; a power vastly superior here in the darkness… A few weeks
later she had taught herself enough to escape the room in a blasting bolt of
shadows, only to find herself prisoner of the entirely destroyed city maze.

Sustaining herself on corpses, troggs and rats, discovering the new ways of the
shadows, it finally took Cythra nine more months to get to the outside world on
her own. The radiations and darkness had rendered her eyes totally white but
for two pitch black pupils. Other than that, once properly washed and brushed,
she will look just like a charming little gnome. But before that she had
something to do… Kill those that had abandoned her… And she knew exactly where
to find them… In a cozy house, dug in the flank of a charming hill, not far
from where she had just emerged…