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Durant mes années noires où je n’écrivais pas officiellement, il faut croire que cela me hantait tout de même, car j’ai sombré dans le « Fanfiction » (fictions basées sur un univers dont on est fan). Ce qui suit sont des textes entièrement inspirés de l’univers du jeu de rôles « World of Warcraft ». Simples profiles de personnage, ou journaux intimes d’avatar, il faut y voir un manque que je cherchais à combler. Évidemment si vous n’êtes pas au fait de l’univers de ce jeu, certaines choses vous passeront au dessus de la tête, voir seront franchement longues et sans intérêt, mais bon, quand on joue la transparence, il faut aller jusqu’au bout ;-)
Ha! J’oubliais… c’est en anglais dans le texte :-P


Name: Kyra

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Professions: Mining & Skining

Current Home:
If there is one thing Kyra does not have, it’s definitively a home or a base of operation. She’s everywhere and nowhere, impossible to find, she never stays long in the place.


Age: 25

Brief Physical Description:
Her angel face of a rare purity could get her whatever she wants from the crowds if it was not for her terrible eyes.
Contrasting completely with her face, her hazelnut eyes are catching the slightest of ambient light, making then shine with an incredible hardness. This window on her soul is glimpsing a ferocious determination, unhealthy. A psyche so perverted that anyone strong enough to support her glare more than a mere instant as to wonder if Kyra is still a human being…

 Smaller than average, the frail frame of Kyra is the stigma of growth slowed by malnutrition. Yet her stature remains queen-like. She moves with a rare flexibility and her gestures are almost Elvish in accuracy, which gives her an even more strange inhuman aspect. Her long hair of the same color as her eyes are attached in the back, maintained by a series of leather laces that stiffens it enough so that it never shifts before her face regardless of the nature and the speed of her movements.

 Her sun tanned skin is free of any makeup. However, the top of her left shoulder wears the scar of a former burn, too clear to be accidental; it looks rather like the print of a mark made by a red iron. Although most of the drawing remains hidden under the dusty leather clothing, the little that shows looks like a Horde’s symbol.

 By her posture, gestures and especially her gaze, Kyra lets out an aura that makes most people uncomfortable. Yourself, after having observed her at length, are starting to feel awkward… Especially since she’s been giving you an icy stare over her shoulder, clearly indicating she’s onto you…


Brief Personality Description:
Kyra is mentally unstable combining borderline, paranoid and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Goals and motivators:
She’s in for revenge and hate the Horde with her guts, especially Orcs.

Passionate about the war:
War or peace does not matter to her, she will kill any Horde she comes across. War time is just making her task that more easy.

A typical quote: 
Revenge is for men, let women deal with Vengeance

Kyra holds a personal journal you can refer to.

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