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Anyway, enough of the past, I will have plenty of time to get back into it. Today is what matters, right? Because today I decided I was ready. Ready to learn the tricks of the trade for good, ready to improve, ready to get on my quest, one with a vengeance!

It’s on my way to Northshire Valley, thru Elwynn Forest, that I decided I should write it all in a journal. Crazy girl am I? Well, I do talk to myself, I do have nightmares, and I do kill people, so by your standards, I might fit the profile…
But hey, you have no idea what I have been thru, ok, so don’t judge me. Personally I obviously don’t think I am “crazy”. Paranoiac? Hell yes! Come on, let’s face it, we are surrounded. Scared? All the time. Border line? Sure… And that’s why I decided to write this journal. To keep me grounded, focused on the things to come, not on those that went.
See, that, right there… It was a lie, yeah, I do lie a lot. Sort of a… professional trait if you want. But that’s courtesy really, I mean you wouldn’t want to know the truth anyway.
So when I say “To keep me grounded, focused on the things to come, not on those that went.“ That’s not true. It has everything to do with the things that went.
TEN YEARS!! I’ve prepared myself, TEN FREAKING YEARS!! Oh I always wanted revenge, but I knew I was too young, too frail. So I made myself stronger, better, quicker. I got ride of those sentiments and remorse that were sugar-coating my soul. I prepared myself for the day where I will finally get out of my numerous hideouts and take the road. And that day has come…

Has I walked to Northshire Valley, I could still see your red and yellow eyes inside your green skulls, your fangs pointing out. I could still hear your so called “war scream” when you decapitated my father. Orcs! Filthy monsters, I did not forget you, I did not pardon you, and I will get back at you! One by one if I have to.
What do you think made me hold against the cold, the fatigue, the hunger, the fear? One and only thing: the image of your eyes when I will bend over your body, seeing the last of your breath coming out of your mouth. The delectable moment where you will realize that there is no “war god” waiting for you in the other side, that you will be all alone in the dark despair of your blackened soul for eternity.
Seeing that last glimpse fading out of you, that’s what really made me go on all this time. And now I am in the open. No more caves, no more holes for me. I won’t be a victim anymore; my journey to you begins now.
Laugh all you want, Orcs and horde alike for that matter! I’ll make you smile even wider when my blade will cut you a new mouth, ear to ear style.

I won’t lower myself to your standards, however. I will not kill peasants and lumberjacks, children and families… But you, lieutenants, captains, generals… You, soldiers of my rank, I’ll get, sooner or later you will perish by my blade.

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